Coral Lamp

Size: 18” tall x 16” wide

Budget: 5,800 USD retail price

Completion Date: October 31st 2012

Built: Built

Material: ABS plastic, color changing LED lights

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Team: Nema Ashjaee

Coral Lamp
B+U's Coral Lamp is a chandelier aptly suited to a dining room, entryway or reception desk.

The highly articulate geometric form and pattern is made out of translucent ABS plastic which produce soft, glare-free light from 360 degrees. Each part is 3D printed for precision and is assembled by hand. Manufactured in Los Angeles. LED color changing light with remote control included. 100W/120V. Dimensions 18"x 16"

Coral Lamp is part of a larger body of our work emphasizing an Architecture that can exist between nature and technology and evolve into an interactive and intelligent organism that exploits the latent potential of energetic exchanges between the natural and the built environment through building morphologies and material expression.

For the Coral lamp design we worked with computational models of aggregation and morphing deploying the idea of an aggregated figure as a bottom up system to multiply single primitives into a larger complex geometric form and to use this technique as a means to develop the tectonic articulation of the lamp. The desire here was less about creating homogeneity but a sense of incongruence and deformation.

The Lamp is beeing sold through or by contacting Gallery L7 at 5619 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 or online at