Frank/Kim Residence

Client: John Frank and Diann Kim

Program: New canopy and gazebo, remodel of interiors

Size: 4,300 sq ft

Budget: Withheld upon owner's request

Completion Date: June 1st 2006

Built: Built

Material: Gazebo and Canopy: steel, translucent fabric. Interiors: Resin, polycarbonate, limestone, wood, glass

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Team: Slavko Vukic,, Sven Neumann

Consultant: GMS (structural engineer), Transsolar (climate engineer), LAM Partners (lighting), EPT Design (landscape)

Frank/Kim Residence
The Frank and Kim residence is located 9 miles north of downtown Los Angeles on a hillside property in Pasadena. Approaching the existing house, on the edge of the hillside, one passes by oak trees and a lush landscape through the elongated front of the property and enters the house from the north. The two story, single family home reveals itself to the south facing hillside with a large terrace and a pool overlooking San Marino. The program was to activate the front property so it can be used for larger social gatherings and pronounce a new entry to the house, as well as remodeling the majority of the interior, creating a showcase home for its owners. For the frontyard we proposed two sculptural elements, a gazebo and a canopy. The gazebo will be used for receptions and larger events, and the canopy forms a new dynamic entrance to the house. These two, 60 feet long cantilevering steel structures are clad with white translucent fabric and are lit from the inside to illuminate the garden with a soft glow during the evening. They mark a path through the landscape and articulate a vibrant entry to the building. On the inside of the house this idea of glowing elements continues by transforming partitions into semi-transparent light elements. These visually connect the newly designed master bathroom and master bedroom and kitchen with the remaining areas of the house. The partitions continue from inside to the exterior, framing a path from each room into the landscape, and are made out of extruded polycarbonate tubing. Part of the design concept was also to develop a thorough sustainability concept for the residence that includes a Photovoltaic roof, natural ventilation; (FSC) certified sustainable harvested sources, low voc materials, and radiant cooling and heating