InsideOut Chair

Client: Ennso Furniture Group

Size: 23"Wx40"Dx36"H

Budget: Withheld upon owner's request

Completion Date: 2018

Built: Built

Material: Aluminum & Leather

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Team: Garrett Santo, Ke Li, John Lin

InsideOut Chair
The concept for the InsideOut chair plays with the idea of part to whole relationship of solid and void figures that are pushing into one another producing interior voids, indentations, intersections, and openings that partially reveal the inner volume of the chair. Voids are represented black and solids white. While some of the interiorities of the chair are revealed, others are withdrawn from visual and physical access although you know they are there and you might ask yourself why they exist and we like that, it makes the chair uncanny in that way.

When you design a chair, design and fabrication are closely intertwined. We went through many iterations always with the goal that the chair can be made in parts and then assembled. The problem was we had way too many complex parts and assembly became a nightmare. Part of designing the chair was designing a workflow of making it. After many iterations we finally ended up with 11 discrete flute like objects which were creased and fit against one another,pushed through and used to line the interior of the other, form figural openings and frames to ultimately produce a new a whole. Since the chair is mostly made out of fiberglass parts that are produced over a molds they have a good and a bad side in terms of finish. Working with this dichotomy became a part of the design process for a chair that has both interior and exterior finished surfaces.The cushions are made out of Polyurethane foam and embossed into the fiberglass surfaces. The chair will premiere at the furniture show in Milan in 2017.