Art Gallery

Client: Withheld by Client

Program: Gallery

Size: Gallery Enclosed Area: 1,400 SqFt; Decking Area: 1,918 SqFt

Budget: Withheld by Client

Completion Date: 2022

Material: Concrete, Steel, Wood, Exterior Ceramic, Plaster, Architectural Curtain

Architect: Baumgartner + Uriu, llp

Team: Garrett Sutherlin Santo, Ke Li

Consultant: Structural Engineer: John Labib + Associates: Fabio Zangoli

Art Gallery
The Chadwick Art gallery is part of an extensive expansion of the Chadwick school Campus, a K-12 school with 830 students and 106 faculty, located in Palos Verdes, California. The school's visual arts program is known for its excellence and breadth, including programs in ceramics, drawing, painting, film and photography, and graphic design. The Art gallery is a 2,000 sqft space which would be dedicated mostly for student exhibitions as well as artists invited to the school. Our design approach was to create a gallery that is an integral part of student life on campus and is, therefore, placed on an important transitional site that connects the main lawn (the heart of the campus) with the north part of the campus (the middle and upper grade classrooms as well as art and performance spaces). Besides its presence to the main lawn we also wanted the gallery to be a linkage space of the campus where student pass through daily moving between classrooms. We designed the gallery both as a destination and as a pathway connecting two sides of the campus. A long continuous ramp snakes through the gallery building and connects the North campus with the main lawn; a shortcut that students frequently take to transition between classrooms. The art gallery itself is lifted off the ground which opens an informal, covered exterior gallery underneath that can be used for sculpture and pottery exhibitions that students walk through. At the same time, the openings and a staircase into the gallery above allow for views into the exhibition space itself. Lifting the gallery also increases its visibility and view out into the surrounding scenery through two large apertures and many skylights. The exterior gallery can be enclosed with colorful curtains that provide a temporary protection against the elements while they can easily be removed to allow for maximum flexibility of the space. The exterior cladding of the gallery is made out off custom 3D tiles that provide a colorful enclosure and reference the ongoing student work with ceramics that has been at the center of the arts program at Chadwick.