Sky Condos

Client: Withheld upon owner's request

Program: Luxury Condominiums

Size: 5,000 sqm

Budget: Withheld upon owner's request

Completion Date: May 1st 2012 (proposal)

Built: Unbuilt

Material: Concrete, Fiberglass composites

Architect: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu

Team: Nema Ashjaee, David Baurassa, Nick Funaro

Sky Condos

The vision of the New Sky Condos is to develop a unique spatial experience for each condo unit by, on the one hand, utilizing an L-shape sectional diagram that maximizes double height spaces and outdoor areas through interlocking the units in plan and in section (an evolution on the Corbusier cross section of L’Unite d’Habitation) and simultaneously developing a window typology that aims to dissolve the edges of the window frame creating a unique view to the outside. The window itself is not just a flat aperture but a three dimensional spatial object that shapes the interior walls and aims ones view to key features of the surrounding cityscape. For example it allows for views towards the San Isidro Golf Club to the north and the Ocean to the south even from spaces along the east and west facade of the tower.

The building massing was the result of intersecting several cone shaped towers dividing each floor plan into four discrete segments that coincide with the division of the program on each floor and maximize the exterior surface. The articulation of the exterior of the building is a direct result of the placement and the aiming of the apertures and their relationship between the interior spaces and points in the city. The linear extensions along the window frames create the effect of a “soft” building edge that aims at dissolving the sharp lines of a typical building skyline and creates an iconic addition for Lima.

The design of the envelope fundamentally shifts away from the architectural norm by eliminating the obligatory curtain wall solution in favor of a concrete load bearing shell which provides an efficient structure and frees the core from the burden of lateral forces and creates highly efficient, column-free open spaces in the building’s interior. The large openings in the shell are modulated depending on views, sun exposure, and luminosity and are designed to receive the large apertures, which are fabricated independently out of fiberglass composites. The rough textured concrete shell is contrasted with the highly articulated fiberglass composite apertures that are translucent and illuminated with LED’s from within, which gives the tower a characteristic colorful glow at night.

By eliminating the standard façade curtain-wall construction, the project relies much more on traditional and local construction methodologies, which is more cost effective. The overall structure is a cast in place concrete slab and core structure with a majority of the exterior enclosure made out of cast in place concrete. The exceptions to this is the material and the fabrication of the window units that could be fabricated by industries specialized in composite construction (i.e Boat building industry) and shipped to the site and installed into the concrete shell.



One enters a generous double height lobby space, with a doorman’s counter and proceeds to the elevator lobby located in the center of the building. A 50 m2 administration office is located in the mezzanine above the lobby and can be accessed via the elevator lobby as well. The café is located on the south side at the ground floor and includes a large outdoor seating area and garden. The Café can either be accessed from the lobby or through a separate entrance from the east side of the tower. A ramp located on the North- West side of the property provides access to the 5 levels of underground parking with a total of 90 parking spaces.

Typical Unit

The units are laid out next to each other with a North-South orientation. Each unit occupies three levels and as mentioned already the units are stacked as an interlocking L-shaped configuration that gives each Unit a double height living room with orientation towards the San Isidro golf club. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all located at the main entrance level of each unit, this level also includes two walk in pantries (adjacent to the kitchen), a storage room and a visitor’s bathroom. Form the living room and from the Dining room one has access to two similar size gardens that add up to the total required 50 m2 areal garden. Each Garden has either a view of the Golf Course or of the Ocean. The Pool is located in the garden deck off to the dining room and the required tree is placed in the Garden off the living room. Both the living room and the dining room have large foldable glass walls that can be opened up and create a continuous indoor- outdoor experience as well as good cross ventilation. Pending on unit type the master bedrooms are either located on the entrance level next to the living room or on the level above but always with an orientation and private balcony to the Golf Club. From the main entrance level one moves upstairs via an internal staircase to the upper levels. The level directly above the entrance level includes the family room, laundry room and two of the three bedrooms with bathrooms and walk in closet and each with a private balcony. The level above that includes the third bedroom also with bathroom, a walk in closet and a private balcony as well as the two service bedrooms with bath and the study.

Penthouse Unit

The unit is laid out generously over the entire footprint of the tower and occupies two levels. The kitchen, two pantries, visitor WC, dining area and living rooms are located on the main entrance level so are all three bedrooms, the study, master bedroom and laundry room. Each of the bedrooms has a private balcony. Similar to the typical Units the garden is split into two, one off the living room and one off the Dining area. The private pool is located off the living room. The master bedroom and two service bedrooms are located on the level above.


The rooftop level is at the maximum height of 63m and includes a large pool and garden area and can be accessed through the elevator core. The rooftop also includes a variety of seating areas and a common BBQ area.

Service Areas

A large mechanical spaces and the water cistern are located directly below the rooftop level. The two electrical rooms for a public power station as well as for a future power station are located in lower basement level. There is access to the garbage chute on each level and a garbage area in the first basement level.